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Academy Awards best pictures: 1929-2014

Slightly different infographic for you this week: an interactive one!

The Academy Awards started in 1927. Below is an icon representing every single ‘Best Picture’ winner from the inaugural awards to last year’s shindig. There’s one problem though – none of them are labeled. How many of them can you get from just the icon and the year?

I have seen a remarkably small amount of films and have catastrophically bad taste (example: I’m yet to see ‘Aliens’, ‘Schindler’s List’ or ‘Fight Club’, but have seen campy Village People biopic ‘Can’t Stop the Music’ no less than four times), so my skills were pretty limited here. Though I can see Braveheart in there, and 1981’s winner looks like a film about the life and times of Mr Softee, ice cream entrepreneur.

This infographic comes courtesy of Beutler Ink. Thanks guys.

academy awards best pictures

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