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World Cup stadia through the ages

Okay, so the USA may no longer be taking part, but there’s still eight teams left in the tournament (though at the time of writing, it looks like France may not be there for much longer), and the World Cup still has the world’s eyes and full attention.

But how has stadium fashion changed over time? With pitches needing the same features no matter the decade, you may think there’s not much room for different styles and… you’d be broadly right as this infographic shows. “Round or square?”, the bored architect seems to ask before setting to work on a temple of soccer.

This year’s final stadium, the Estadio Do Maracana in Brazil holds 96,000 people – exactly the same number that it held in 1950 when Brazil last held the World Cup. The smallest ground? The 14,000 seater Stade Olympique de Colombes in France, but in 1938, Europe had rather more important things to deal with…


Infographic courtesy of the Grassform Group.

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