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Secrets of the world’s oldest people

Good news everyone! The world’s oldest people are now living longer than ever before, with a third of all Americans living to the ripe old age of 85.

That’s pretty old, right? But how about those people who are really, really old – what’s their secret? Given that the oldest person on record – 122-year-old Jeanne Calment – smoked for over 100 years before her eventual death in 1997, it’s fair to say that we haven’t quite got it cracked.

Despite being bombarded with health tips on a daily basis, the truth is that there’s a lot of luck involved too. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t listen to your doctor (please, do listen to your doctor), but you’ll probably learn just as much from taking notice of the old people around you. Start with this infographic of the world’s oldest people.

Secrets of the Worlds Oldest People infographic

Infographic brought to you by Top Colleges Online.

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