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Rhett & Link: Internetainers

What is it?

It’s internetainment, of course. Rhett and Link coined the term themselves after finding success online with their unique blend of comedy sketches, music videos and advertising.

The duo were early adopters to YouTube having signed up in 2006, but their popularity has spiralled ever since – resulting in their very own TV show as well as high-profle guest appearances on Carson Daly, Jay Leno and Conan. In September 2012 they uploaded a video of themselves singing All Night Long by Lionel Ritche, literally all night long.

A number of other huge viral hits such as T-shirt wars (below) helped propel them to stardom, even landing at number 22 on Business Insider‘s Most Creative People in Advertising list. 

Why do we like it?

      • A refreshing form of commercial advertising; A creatively funny spin on the ‘in your face’ culture that marketing thrives on. Rhett and Link offer a laugh-a-minute act that make even the biggest cynics smile and applaud.
      • From rap battles to middle-school musicals and hilarious songs about modern day trends, the pair have showcased a range of different skills over the course of the 300+ videos on their YouTube channel.
      • Rhett and Link also host a daily morning show, ‘Good Mythical Mornings’, where the team discuss personal experiences or trending news stories adding their own comedic touch of genius.

One to watch

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