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The Super Bowl ads you need to see

What is it?

The 30 seconds-or-so breaks during the course of the Super Bowl have become, dare we say it, iconic. So much so, in fact, that people find themselves tuning into the game simply to watch the breaks in play, keeping themselves occupied during the match itself.

Considering there are so many commercials during an event that takes the best part of four hours, this YouTube channel thankfully compiles all of the best commercials into one place. From to David Beckham’s now annual run around in his pants to trailers for the latest blockbusters, this channel encompasses all of the witty, funny and at times controversial visual creativity that some of North America’s biggest brands have to offer.

Why we like it?

      • The average Super Bowl commercial in 2013 cost approximately $4 million. We love being able to judge which company really got their money’s worth.
      • The Super Bowl has been rife with controversial adverts (extramarital dating sites and anti-abortion ads) in the past and this channel gives us the perfect opportunity to watch for ourselves and engage in the debates that last for months after.
      • You will find that some of these ads might just be some of the funniest and creative you will ever see, and with the barrage of poor quality advertising on television today, it can often seem like a breath of fresh air.

One to watch

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