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10 of the most creative stop motion Vines

Iron man stop motion

Since the app’s release just over a year ago, the Vine community has been pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in 6-seconds. From regular internet users to marketing giants as well as artists from various backgrounds, Vine has fast become the perfect outlet for stop motion showoffs.

Considering that it can take hours to create just 6-seconds worth of work, we thought we’d revisit 10 of the most creative and well thought out stop motion videos clips – including those from world renowned stop motion animators Pinot and Ian Padgham. Many have officially embedded their names into the stop motion hall of fame, with regular blogs showcasing some of their best work, while others are from amateurs just beginning to experiment with the form. Feast your eyes on 10 of the best!

A typical monster’s steady diet of wood and lead


How most of us are feeling on a Friday afternoon

Adding another dimension

Who knew ice could be so much fun?

You can really get lost in a good Sherlock book

Real life, or stop motion, is there anything Iron Man can’t do?

How to save a life

Corporations getting in on the act – Dunkin’ Donuts actually recreated an NFL play

She’s too tired, he’s desperate for a beer. Problem solved.

Careful, they can turn on you in an instant!

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