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10 great social networks nobody is using yet

Social networks

The social media bubble isn’t ready to burst any time soon!

While many rushed to say that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr would all eventually suffer the same fate as MySpace – time has so far proved them wrong.

Social networks remain at the heart of modern communication. They are defining our generation and, above all, they’re showing no signs of slowing down in popularity or variation. Our list for today takes a closer look at some of the up and coming social sites yet to really ignite – great, innovative ideas that are on the rise and aim to replicate the success of their ‘older siblings.’ Will any of these be the next big thing? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

1. Mobli

Mobli comes as a direct rival to Instagram with one major point of difference – a ‘live video’ function that allows you to stream video in real time. Backing from celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Serena Williams and a noteworthy $60m endorsement by Carlos Slim – owner of the South American telecoms firm América Móvi –  shows the potential and belief that this social network could be the next big thing.

2. Impossible

This social network embraces a culture of giving by enabling users to write a post of something they need help with or something they want. Their repayment is gratitude and appreciation by the receiver. The brainchild of model Lily Cole, Impossible comes as a breath of fresh air to the social networking community, aiming to spread smiles and happiness to all its users.

3. Medium

Medium comes to you by the Co-founder of Twitter – Evan Williams – and is a blogging platform for people to share ideas and stories that are longer than 140 characters. It offers very basic editing options that render your text simple, direct and easily readable. Medium uses the laconic approach of Twitter to create a level playing field for people that want to share their ideas.

4. We heart it

We heart it is an image-based social network that is a mixture of Facebook and Pinterest targeting younger audiences. The simple idea and clean interface have made it an instant favourite. As Mashable reported last January, the new social network could be a game changer boasting numbers like 25 million users, three billion monthly page views and over 60 million new images uploads a month.

5. Shots of me

A social network built around selfies was bound to happen at one point or another. Shots is funded by none other than controversial pop idol Justin Bieber – Justin, of course, being no stranger to selfies himself. The app does nothing more than encourage you to take pictures of yourself with a front facing camera and share them with the world.

6. Secret

Secret shares your most intimate thoughts and feelings with your friends only it doesn’t reveal your identity to the recipients. Anonymity gives you the chance to express ideas you would otherwise keep to your self without worrying about reactions or consequences.

7. Whisper

Whisper is another social network that’s based around the idea of anonymous interaction. You can post your anonymous messages in the form of an image overlaid by text and respond to ‘secrets’ publicly or privately by using a pseudonym.

8. Thumb

Ever been in a position where you just can’t make up your mind about something? Thumb is here to help you decide. The social network gives users the chance to post questions and queries and get immediate feedback from the Thumb community by giving them the thumbs up or thumbs down!

9. Pheed

Pheed is a multimedia platform that merges together famous social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Facebook. You can create and share text, video, audio and pictures. This might not sound very original, except Pheed gives users the option of charging to access their content. Premium channel holders can set a monthly (30 days) subscription fee to their Pheed channel and earn directly from users who want to access their content – so, just how valuable is your next selfie?

10. Learnist

Learnist is a social network that shares curated web, print and video content for a diverse range of subjects. From academia to food, sports and music, Learnist features an Instagram-type interface that allows users to create boards of specialized content and make the learning experience more interactive, fun and engaging.

Photos: deviantart

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