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10 Classic PC games you can play on your smartphone

With virtual reality about to hit the mainstream and next-gen consoles like the Xbox One and Playstation 4 beginning to show what they’re truly capable of – now is an exciting time to be thinking about the future of gaming. For an older generation of gamers, though, looking to the past can be just as rewarding.

For all the high-tech spectacle of recent developments, a few classic PC games have stood the test of time. Enthusiasm for these games remains so high that they’re still being redeveloped and tinkered with to this day, updated with new versions for the latest devices. So, you don’t need to fiddle around in MS DOS to get your fix of nostalgia, just fire up the app store and download these 10 classics straight to your smartphone or tablet.

1. The Secret of Monkey Island

In the absence of our favorite Lucas Arts point and clicker Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island is the next best thing. Join Guybrush Threepwood on his quest to become a pirate on Mêlée Island, and – while you’re at it – see if your swordplay is still up to scratch.

Download for iOS.

2. Civilization

One of the more expansive PC games in its day, if you’d told us we’d soon be playing Civilization on a phone we wouldn’t have believed you. Civilization Revolution for iOS comes with enhanced graphics, new technology, units and scenarios – but original players will feel right at home with this updated version.

Download for iOS.

3. DOOM classic

It’s no surprise that DOOM has found its way onto iPhone and Android devices – after all, it was recently ported onto an ATM machine and an office printer. Still one of the most popular shoot em ups to ever exist, now you can download it on your smartphone and remember why.

Download for iOS and Android.

4. Duke Nukem 3D

If you weren’t shooting your way through DOOM as a teenager, then there’s a good chance you were playing Duke Nukem. All 32 original levels made it over to the iOS version, with the same trashy B-movie aesthetic you loved first time around.

Download for iOS.

5. Myst

Myst was so far ahead of its time when first released in 1993 that more than 20 years later it still looks the part. Play this on an iPad to feel the full impact of the game’s sweeping adventure and infuriating puzzles.

Download for iOS.

6. Worms

Originally released for Amiga and PC back in 1995, the same development team are behind this perfect port for iOS. The popular game spawned many sequels – some of which are also available on smartphone and tablet – but the original remains a firm favorite.

Download for iOS

7. SIM City Deluxe

While the original Sim City has never made it over to smartphones, the alternatives are probably even better. Aspiring city planners and fans of the original game should be satisfied by SimCity Deluxe, which offers enhanced graphics and much more detail to delve into.

Download for iOS.

8. Simon and the Sorcerer

In the same vein as Monkey Island, Simon the Sorcerer is another much-loved point and click adventure to make the jump from PC. The iOS version is an impressive port, complete with original voiceover by Red Dwarf actor Chris Barrie.

Download for iOS and Android.

9. Death Rally

Initially released for MS-DOS back in 1996, a full remake of Death Rally hit app stores in 2011. In just a few months the iOS version had been downloaded nearly 2 million times, showing just how big the appetite remains for classic PC games.

Download for iOS.

10. The 7th Guest

Finally, while virtual reality games are about to up the stakes for scary horror-themed titles, The 7th Guest was the first game to really give us nightmares with its mix of 3D graphics and live action video clips. Bill Gates himself hailed it as “the new standard in interactive entertainment,” and while that standard has since been vastly improved upon, this puzzle adventure is still just as fun to play. 

Download for iOS.

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