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10 outrageously expensive everyday things

With Christmas only a couple of months away, we thought we’d start compiling our lists for Santa, starting with 10 of the most deliciously pricey everyday accessories, furnishings, drinks and snacks available today. We can dream, can’t we?

1) This mobile phone

Expensive vertu phone

The Vertu Signature Touch is not your average smartphone. Yes, it runs on Android and lets you call your friends, but the $10,000 English-made cell also gives you access to 24-hour worldwide assistance, a dedicated concierge and access to the most exclusive events in the world.

2) These headphones

expensive headphones

Ultrasone describes its Edition 5 headphones as like “having your own private concert hall on your head”. Which is what you’d hope for a cent less than $5,000. Each pair is handmade in Bavaria from oak, which undergoes a seven-layer varnishing process. Smooth.

3) This coffee machine

expensive coffee

The Van der Western Speedster espresso machine is crafted in the Netherlands, with only 400 units created each year. The entire frame is made from stainless steel, it has an electronic temperature gauge and features two boilers. Yours for $20,000.

4) These coffee beans

expensive coffee

The number 1 most expensive coffee in the world right now is found in the number 2s of elephants. Yep. The best Thai Arabica beans are hand picked once ‘deposited’ by the magnificent creatures and sun-dried and roasted to create Black Ivory Coffee. It costs $40 for enough to make 400ml of coffee, and is only sold in certain hotels in Thailand and the Maldives. Profits go towards elephant preservation.

5) This charger

expensive charger

Monster created 10 of these portable smartphone chargers, five of which were plated with 24-carat gold. The price? $2,155. With a 1600 mAh Lithium ion battery and USB Micro input, it’s the playboy’s way of keeping juiced. Or for the price of a Grande Latte you could just find a plug in Starbucks.

6) This gold skateboard

expensive skateboard

Boasting the title of world’s most expensive skateboard, this $15,000 four-wheeler is hewn from pure plated gold. It’s 31.5 inches long, 8 inches wide and weighs 80 percent more than an average deck. Not something you’d want to leave at the park.

7) These ice cubes

expensive ice

California’s Glace Luxury Ice Company provides individually carved frozen blocks of water – or ‘ice’ – that are “purified of minerals, additives and other pollutants that may contaminate the taste of premium spirits and drinks”. Ten pouches will set you back $325, but they will provide highly sophisticated cooling.

8) This toilet

expensive toilet1

Well, over a lifetime we spend quite a bit of time on it, so why not have the best? The Kohler Numi features a motion-activated lid, ‘Advanced Bidet Functionality’ and ‘Integrated Air Dryer’, heated seat, foot warmer and even music. It’s a princely $6,500, for those that are feeling flush. LOL.

9) This TV

expensive telly

Boasting a 1000 HZ processing rate and 5-speaker surround sound, the Samsung UE85S9STXXU 85-inch, LED 3D 4K Ultra HD TV is, for our money – all £34,999 ($56K) of it – the ultimate in home cinema. We’ll take one in every room, please.

10) This burger

expensive burger

When you’ve unwrapped all of the above, you’ll need a boost of energy that only the world’s most expensive burger can deliver. Developed by Honky Tonk restaurant in London, England, the £1,100 ($1,758) ‘Glamburger’ has 14 ingredients including beluga caviar, gold leaf and grated white truffle. Or maybe we’ll just stick to making our own Big Macs


TOTAL SPEND: $95,778

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