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10 subreddits you should subscribe to immediately

reddit subreddits

Not sure where to start with Reddit? We don’t blame you.  The self-described “front page of the internet” might be a goldmine for information if you know where to look, but its stubbornly outdated design can hurt your eyes and brain. Reddit might have been founded in 2005, but it still looks like the 90s and to make the most of it you’re going to have to do some filtering.

That’s why we have subreddits – and by subscribing to the right ones you’ll soon be wired in to a world of great stuff, while blocking out the things you just don’t care about. Looking for inspiration? Start with these 10 and then go forth and explore for yourself.

1) Explain Like I’m Five

The internet has an answer for everything – that’s what we love about it. However, sometimes Googling for those answers can involve wading through dozens of technical explanations that assume a crazy amount of knowledge. This is the idea behind ‘Explain Like I’m Five’, breaking down those more difficult concepts in the simplest terms possible. Ask a question yourself, or simply browse through the list, which includes topics as broad as “Why do buffets charge for drinks” and “Why can’t we choose to rotate our eyes individually like a chameleon.” Both equally valuable concerns, we’re sure you’ll agree.

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2) Internet is Beautiful

This is the place for finding and sharing simple, minimal websites that do one thing, and do it flawlessly. The internet is full of these curiosities that there’s no great need for, and yet somebody still took it upon themselves to create. Examples include a site which tells you how many days you’ve been alive and the ever-useful English-to-Pirate translator.

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3) They Did The Math

Solving mind-boggling maths puzzles might not be for everyone, but if you ask nicely this community of Reddit whizz kids might just help you out. The problems listed tend to be of the speculative variety – such as “How much would it cost to create a real-life Truman show?” We enjoyed the answer to this question so much we turned the answer into an infographic.

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4) Today I Learned

Learn something new everyday with Today I Learned. Often shortened to TIL in reddit-speak, this popular subreddit will give you the endless supply of fascinating facts you need to convince your friends of your wise owl status. For instance, did you know that carrots were originally a variety of colors before the dutch began selectively breeding the orange variety in the 1600s – a tribute to the Prince of Orange? Or how about the fact that Joe Pesci has only starred in two movies since 1998? This is invaluable information.

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subreddits you should subscribe to

The Onion strikes again? Not this time.

5) Not The Onion

Since founding way back in 1988, The Onion has been satirising the news and fooling the gullible with its fake stories and unbelievable headlines. Sometimes the actual news can be just as unbelievable, though, and here redditers share the real stories that you’ll be convinced are a parody. Case-in-point: Google hires camel for desert Street View.

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6) Crazy Ideas

“There’s no such thing as a bad idea here,” is something you’ll often heard thrown about during brainstorming session to get you to say that stupid thing that’s kicking around in the back of your brain. Reddit’s Crazy Ideas is a bit like that, mostly filled with really, really terrible (but entertaining) ideas, and every now and again a good one comes along. See if you can decide which is which.

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7) Data is beautiful

‘Beautiful’ might be a stretch – but if you enjoy looking at charts, graphs and maps then knock yourself out. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all. And hold that thought…

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8) Penmanship Porn

…Remember a second ago when we said beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Well Penmanship Porn is a perfectly niche example. This is essentially a Reddit club for users to admire pictures of great handwriting. Corrrr, look at those serifs!

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9) One Job!

This one’s pretty self-explanatory – it’s a collection of images of instances where people had just one job, and managed to get it hopelessly, sometimes spectacularly wrong. From confusing road signs to food orders that went disastrously wrong, you’ll find it all here.

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10) Animals Being Bros

And finally, Reddit simply wouldn’t be Reddit without its GIFs, videos and pictures of animals caught on camera doing brilliant things. Animals Being Bros is a particular highlight, catching pets and wildlife acting just like us. Take this dog, for instance, which has taken the phrase “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” on an entirely literal level.


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