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Goodbye productivity, hello 24-hour Cat TV

Cat TV body

“Only another 45 minutes of this until Big Cats is on…”

Big Cats, Kitten Zone, Famous Felines, Cartoon and Comedy Cats, Cats Gone Viral! – These are just some of the shows we noticed on the program guide while checking out the all-consuming Cats 24/7.

Where can I find this?

Coming to you courtesy of web service, which offers around 100 entertainment channels, the 24-hour cat footage is basically a load of YouTube videos roughly stuck together.

I’m more of a dog person

If you’re not a cat fan, you can flick from channel 406 to channel 407 where you’ll find Dogs 24/7, home to such sure-to-be-classic shows as Viral Dog Videos, Puppy Zone and, our personal favourite, Dogs Talking and Singing.

There’s also a channel called Crazy Animals, featuring delights such as Horsing Around and… well, Horsing Around was the only show playing on the day we checked. body

“I’m sure we’ve seen this one, isn’t this the one where the cat does the thing?”

If you don’t like animals at all there’s channels dedicated to “hot girls shooting some hot guns” (Ammo), “the real-talk on go-karts” (Revvit) and “viral videos of yesterday” (Top Viral Videos).

So it’s just YouTube, with restrictions?

Yep. You can’t even skip to a specific show. If you want to watch, say, “Big Cats”, you have to wait until the show before – say, Kitten Zone, for sake of argument – has finished showing its hour-long YouTube loop of glued-together kitten clips, which seems ridiculous.

Saying that, it doesn’t mean that we haven’t wasted nearly a whole day on it. You win this round, Internet.

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