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Future Tech: 

These 3D glasses add filters to movies


Filmmakers of the world look away now – a new pair of 3D glasses will put moviegoers in charge of their viewing experience using filters.

Ontario-based company PipeDream Interactive has turned to crowdfunding to develop Invisivision, which it says will give users the chance to manipulate the images they see on screen. The glasses come with two sets of lenses that can be easily flipped up and down to reveal and conceal information.

Why would you want to do that? Well, the company has lots of suggestions. For starters, the technology has the potential to show a film from two different camera angles, potentially letting the action unfold from the perspectives of multiple characters.

Another handy application for Invisivision might be foreign language movies, enabling cinemas to host screenings both with and without subtitles for a mixed audience. Cinemas may even be able to show an 18+ rated movie for younger audience by removing explicit elements in a filter.

How do they work?

Although two lenses may seem like a radical solution for a pair of 3D glasses, in fact, all 3D movies work by projecting two image streams at the same time. Usually these two image streams are identical, but are positioned differently to give the effect of 3D depth.

With Invisivision, the two image streams are separated using a filter – so filmmakers can create two variations of the same content for one audience.

When can I try them?

Invisivision is still very much in the development stage. As part of the production PipeDream wants to make a film that showcases its technology to the fullest. This costs money – it’s founders have set an ambitious fundraising target of $200,000.

At the time of writing the company has raised just a tenth of that goal. So, if you’re interested in the idea of interactive movies, read more about the project and pledge over at Kickstarter.

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