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3D printer creates ‘bump’ keys that open all locks

Watch out! No lock is safe!

Watch out! No lock is safe!

Lockpickers Jos Weyers and Christian Holler have designed a process to produce ‘bump’ keys using a 3D printer.

The pair claims that they are able to produce a plastic mould that resembles a regular key, but when placed into a lock and tapped on the head can be used to open millions of locks. Wait, because this gets even scarier.

The two engineers have also created a software called Photobump where you can actually produce spare keys with only a picture of the lock you want to open and the measurements of its depth.

As Weyers publicly stated at the Hackers On Planet Earth conference last month “you don’t need much more to make a bump key. Basically, if I can see your keyhole, there’s an app for that.” So what is the meaning of all this?

Weyers and Holler are trying to raise awareness on how the 3D printing technology has made it easy for lock-pickers to operate again. ‘Bump’ keys have been around for a long time but the creation of locks with complex key blanks have rendered the bumping process ‘outdated’ for quite some time. 3D printing technology is making bumping keys relevant again and calls upon a newer, safer method of creating locks.

The news follows concerns around key-cutting apps like KeyMe, available for iPhone, enabling users to make a copy based on a single photograph, as reported by GoExplore.

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