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Future Tech: 

5 Great Gadgets That Will Make Your Old Technology ‘Smart’

Between constantly evolving hardware and major retailers jostling for market share – technology can be a fickle industry. Today’s hottest gadgets will very soon be yesterday’s news, and while this progress can be incredibly exciting, it can also mean that old technology is left abandoned at the faintest sight of the next big thing. The cycle repeats itself.

This doesn’t have to be the case. For one thing, your things don’t always need updating, and even when they do the solution might not be the one you think it is. As ‘smart’ technology slowly creeps into our homes and appliances, the following gadgets are designed to bring years-old technology kicking and screaming into 2015.

1. Vamp

Vamp speaker bluetooth

Launching itself into the world with the #Saveaspeaker campaign, Vamp is a little red box designed to make your vintage audio equipment relevant again. While your favorite old speakers may still sound great, for just £49.99 (around $75) you can give them the power of bluetooth to prove they’re just as happy playing Spotify playlists as vinyl records.

2. Triby fridge magnet


We never thought we’d be writing about fridge magnets on GoExplore, but Triby, presented at this year’s CES, promises to turn your old refrigerator into a home hub. With this little gizmo attached, your fridge will now serve as a house phone, message board and sound system – and, believe it or not, it will even keep your food fresh as well.

3. Sengled light bulbs


Not content with creating one smart light bulb, Sengled is leading the way for intelligent lighting with a full product range. There are bulbs for boosting your WiFi signal, playing music and monitoring your home – all controlled from a centralised smartphone app. Prices begin at $59.99 with more smart bulbs planned for the near future.

4. Rico


A clunky old smartphone might not be fit to appear in public, but don’t forget that even a 5-year-old device can have its uses. Alongside the $99 Rico, your old technology can act as the security hub of your smart home, using your phone’s camera as its eyes and its processor as its brain. Rico is available to pre-order now, with shipping expected in November 2015.

5. Parrot RNB 6


Finally, you don’t need to buy a new car for the latest in-car technology, all you need is Parrot’s RNB 6. No, it’s not a stereo programmed to play only rhythm ‘n’ blues, but an entertainment system that’s compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. So, even if your car looks like it belongs on the scrapheap from afar, once inside it’ll feel good as new. Presented this month at CES 2015, further details on availability are to be announced shortly.

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