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5 Kickstarters to watch in August 2015

Where did you go, July? It seems like only yesterday we were basking in the first glow of summer sun, but now we’re compiling August’s best Kickstarters with one eye already on September.

Even if summer does slip away from us, there’s no chance of the Kickstarter well running dry. Here are five of the best new projects to keep tabs on until we’re back next month with more.

The 5 Kickstarters to watch this month;

1. Remix Mini

Billing itself as ‘the world’s first true Android PC,’ Remix Mini is the hybrid computer you never realized you wanted. Users can enjoy the familiar feel of a PC complete with a task bar and windowed browsing, but the device itself is small, easy-to use and most of all cheap – the 1GB version starts at just $30.

At the price, it’d hard to think of a reason not to give it a try.

2. CydeKick

Love cycling? Then it’s about time you put some of that pedal power to use. Start by attaching CydeKick to your wheel, and convert all that wasted spent energy into something useful – like charge for your phone, or power for your bike lights. The nifty device is able to generate, store and deliver power to any add-ons or accessories, so you can do away with batteries and power your ride on your own puff.

3. Snotbot

What’s Snotbot, you ask? Sounds disgusting, you say. Well, you’re not wrong, but it could help save whales and – ultimately – humanity.

Put simply, Snotbot is a drone designed to collect the ‘blow’ (read: snot) exhaled from whales’ lungs, before returning it to researchers who can test it for toxins and hormone levels. The campaign page notes that tens of thousands of whales are killed every year as a direct or indirect result of human activity, so the least we can do is help fund this snot-loving drone-bot. As the old saying goes, if Patrick Stewart thinks it’s a great idea, you probably should too.

4. StemBox: Science kits for girls

Science education should be the same for both genders, and yet when you look at the science kits aimed at both boys and girls – the difference is astounding. Boys’ science kits are messy and fun, aimed to indulge the ‘mad scientist’ that lurks beneath. Girls, meanwhile, are mostly left to play with soaps and powders used for make-up.

StemBox is a subscription service that aims to give girls more options, and encourage them to further their interest in the subject, in turn addressing the underrepresentation of women in the field. It’s already met it’s Kickstarter target, and KnowItAlls – another project with the same goal – is hot on its heels.

5. Reboot the suit: bring back Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit

Lastly, from a chance to change the future of science, to a chance to preserve a great piece of scientific history. Reboot the Suit is a campaign run by the Smithsonian to conserve, digitize and display Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 spacesuit in celebration of the 50-year anniversary of the moon landings.

Why does the Smithsonian need your help? Because federal funding only covers the museum’s core functions, and without public support the spacesuit must be hidden away in special conditions to avoid deterioration. Having just surpassed its funding goal with time to spare, the suit will now be able to be restored and displayed safely for our enjoyment.

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