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5 Kickstarters to watch in July 2015

Ah July, the centerpiece of summer giving birth to some of the most innovative pieces of tech we could ever imagine. The heat doesn’t make it any easier to rifle through the hoards of projects from the likes of Kickstarter and Indiegogo, so we’ve taken to our usual routine of gathering up some of the best (five to be exact) new projects out there. From micro-drones to affordable 3D-printers, it’s all here.

Micro Drone 3.0

Drones are very much in. It’s probably the best way to capture shots from a birds-eye view and learning how to pilot them isn’t as difficult as say, learning how to pilot a Boeing 747.

This palm-sized micro-drone can pretty much do everything you’d expect from a drone. It’s just super small, which means you can take it around with you wherever you go. The spectacular sensors work to give a very stable flight while beaming the live video stream straight to your virtual reality headset (presumably you have one of those lying around somewhere, right?).

Given the size, you’d expect this little guy to suffer quite a bumpy ride when you send it out and about, but this isn’t just any drone. The Micro Drone 3.0 uses corrective algorithms which essentially means that you can fly it in winds of up to 45mph. With a range of up to 300 feet, its very own editing suite, 720 x 1280 HD quality and social media integration, it’s a great way to introduce yourself to the game of drones.


3D printing was another one of those things that seemed impossible at first, but soon after that discussion had started we began to see 3D printers one-up themselves time and time again. Whether it was medical use or building a bridge across an Amsterdam canal, the possibilities are almost endless.

So how is the Ares 3D printer so cost effective? Well for starters the design was based on open-source collaboration when it came to both the software and firmware. They also pride themselves on basing the price on the cost of products involved in the whole process, rather than focusing on securing a lavish profit margin. They make clear that the aim is to make people aware that they can afford 3D printers as everyday household items. So what are you waiting for? Pop it next to the kettle. Heck, print a brand new kettle!

PebbleBee Stone

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find your keys? Or what about when your pet just takes a one-time shot at a freedom-dash? Not cool (but maybe show the pet a bit of love). Regardless, PebbleBee Stone could be the solution to all your problems.

There are so many fantastic things you can do with PebbleBee Stone so we’re going to just pick out a few that we find very, very helpful. First of all is the whole, ‘You’ll never lose your keys’ thing. Attach the Pebblebee Stone to your keyring and the app will tell you just how warm or cold you are in terms of proximity to the keys. How you ask? Well, the Peblebee Stone uses a Bluetooth Low Energy iBeacon which allows your iPhone to natively detect your PebbleBee Stone without the app having to be on at all.

You can also set your room to the perfect temperature, play music on your home audio system, dim the lights and even snap a selfie. So once you’ve tracked down your pet, you can celebrate with your favorite tunes, order a pizza (oh yeah, you can do that too) and finish off with a selfie, just to prove to everyone what a great time you just had.

Kokoon EG headphones

These Kokoon EG headphones appear to be a total godsend for anyone that likes to falling asleep to music. Not only is it a more comforting listening experience, the Kokoon EG headphones actually feature a set of sensors that provide clinical insight as well as intelligence to help improve your overall sleeping pattern.

The app and sensors work together to adjust the volume and equalisation of your music as it detects you gradually falling asleep. It’s almost as if there’s someone keeping watch until you drift off into dream-land (but don’t worry, the app doesn’t come with said creeper). Kokoon EG will also help you better understand what sort of audio techniques help you get the best sleep possible, so you can adjust your patterns accordingly. You’ll never have a restless night’s sleep again.


We close out with Flitchio, a smartphone case that has a built-in game controller. No more fiddling with touchscreen controls, as good as they are, it’s just not the same when your thumbs are covering the corners of the screen. The guys at Flitchio have worked hard to try and get as close to the traditional games controller as possible with well-designed rear joysticks and shoulder buttons. You can even pilot drones and remote vehicles with impressive precision (drone not included). There’s also no need to charge it or use some fancy connection, just snap it on as you would any other smartphone case and you’re ready for action.

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