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Future Tech: 

The computer that gives you change from $10

The tiny Chip computer costs just $9. That doesn't include the banana, though.

The tiny Chip computer costs just $9. That doesn’t include the banana, though.

What can $10 get you nowadays? 42-ounces of holiday peanut M&Ms would set you back $7.99, but why not pay an extra $1.01 and get a fully functional computer?

Part of the reason it’s so cheap might be down to its low shipping cost. The CHIP computer is teeny-tiny, as you can see from the picture above (it’s an ordinary sized banana), but still manages to pack a 1Ghz processor, 512mb RAM and 4GB storage into its tiny frame. It has WiFi and Bluetooth built in, and has optional VGA and HDMI shields, if you don’t want to use the composite cable port.

All of this for $9. Unsurprisingly, this dinky computer has really captured the imagination of Kickstarter, where it has smashed its $50,000 funding target, already amassing over $700,000 with 25 days left to go. You could make a really precarious house-of-cards with all the CHIPs they’re going to be manufacturing.

This tiny form means they’ve had to make the most of the space – as well as the shield which gives it HDMI or VGA out, it comes with a USB port, a micro-USB port and a microphone jack which also works for the composite video-out. There’s also the Pocket CHIP, which is a shell that makes the CHIP truly portable, giving it a 4.3-inch touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard and five hour battery life. It looks a bit like the original Kindle.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 17.41.08

It’s the brainchild of Next Thing Co, and if that sounds familiar, it’s because they’ve had some past Kickstarter success with the Otto animated GIF camera. According to their latest update, the first batch of cameras went out just this week – so no wonder they’re itching for a new project…

Will you be backing the CHIP, or did we tempt you into spending your hard earned cash on M&Ms instead? We’d venture that you’re more likely to regret the candies, but you’re big enough to make your own decisions, we reckon.

If you’re still on the fence, give the video below a watch.

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