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Future Tech: 

A hoverbike for the everyday superhero

Park in style without worrying scratching cars on your way out - or shall I say on your way up?

Park in style without scratching cars on your way out – or should that be way up?

Ever dreamed of riding you own hover bike around town like a real-life Tony Stark? This cutting-edge gizmo might be one step closer to reality than we actually think.

Since the prototype design in 2011, Malloy Aeronautics has worked through several remakes to bring us this new quadcopter. In order to finance further testing and finalize the project, the team has created a miniature replica of the final design to offer as a reward for backers of its new Kickstarter campaign.

With a $30,000 goal, the 1.15-metre-long drone is almost a third in size of the final product, can carry haul of around 1.5kg and weighs in at 2.2kg without any load. The controller allows the drone to be controlled remotely, as well as following predetermined flight paths automatically. You might not be able to ride the hoverbike yet but the third-scale 3D-printed humanoid that comes with it can, fitting a GoPro camera on its head to give you the aerial action through the eyes of a pilot.

The flying machine prides itself in steady journeys and incredible manoeuvres. As the video above shows, it’s stable enough to carry a full glass of orange juice without spilling it. The straight line top speed of 45mph may sound impressive, but not even close to the full-size prototype’s supposed and ridiculous 173mph. The promised full scale product claims a 3,048-metre maximum altitude as Malloy proposed for a one-man frame using propellors taken from a hovercraft. Take that Tony Stark!

This kind of product doesn’t come cheap since this limited edition will set you back £715, before the price skies up to £1,050. This version will require you to install your own radio transmitter, and the package with the controller on-board will cost £1,150.

Can’t wait to see this product finished? Stay tuned to GoExplore for all the latest updates.

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