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Future Tech: 

AeroMobil is a real flying car to help you beat the traffic

flying car

Looking for a unique way to bypass the morning traffic but weren’t impressed by last week’s real-life hover boards? Then how about a flying car?

Unlike the cool but ultimately flawed hoverboard design we saw from Hendo, AeroMobil is an actual road-ready vehicle with retractable wings capable of taking it airborne in a matter of minutes. The prototype was unveiled at Pioneers Festival in Vienna, showing off a maximum speed of 100mph on land, while capable of reaching 124mph in full flight.

The Slovakian-based company says its prototype will be very close to the final product, claiming AeroMobil’s compatibility with existing infrastructure can “open doors to real door-to-door travel.”

AeroMobil is no toy

AeroMobil may look like a children’s toy, but the company is understandably taking its invention rather more seriously. Co-founder Juraj Vaculik told Wired, “We want to be a serious company. This is not a boy toy– we are not building a prop for a Hollywood movie.”

The flying car is actually rather practical, then – or at least as practical as a flying car can realistically be. It still looks insane, but its designers boast the vehicle is small enough to fit into a standard parking space and, as a plane, can be landed at any airport in the world.

With the design now finalised, AeroMobil has undergone rigorous in-flight testing during the last month. While there’s no news on how you can actually purchase your flying car or what kind of restrictions are in place before you can take it airborne (you’d need a pilot’s license, we’d hope) – We’ll keep you posted. For now, let’s just be happy that such a thing exists.

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