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AirType: Waving goodbye to keyboards everywhere


The keyboard could soon join the typewriter and the quill in word processing history

Playing air-this and air-that is a pastime for dreamers everywhere, whether it’s on a guitar or pounding away on the drums.  But what about air typing? For those of you that are getting a bit tired of the same old keyboard design that hasn’t changed in lord knows how many years, evolution may be just around the corner.

AirType is the brilliant concept idea from a startup group in Austin, Texas. The team are in the midst of developing a keyboardless keyboard, and although admittedly only in the early stages, based on the video below it could go far.

AirType is the latest in machine-learning technology, whereby the device (consisting of two small bands) remembers your finger movements based on which letters you wish to type. What’s more is that it continues to learn your habits, adapting to the way you type so that you don’t actually have to change a thing. They even claim that there’s no longer a need for a backspace as AirType comes with an app that provides the very best in auto-spelling and correction services…not that you’re prone to making too many mistakes as things stand.

The five brains behind the idea (Sid, Mike, Ai, Zach and Ben) believe that the way in which we type, especially on mobile devices, is unnecessarily fiddly and tortuous. AirType also clips onto your tablet, which isn’t just handy but will cement your position in the office as a trendsetting maverick. Either that, or your co-workers will think you’ve finally lost it completely.

There’s no exact word as to when this innovative little product will be available, but the idea alone could be the catalyst to numerous other, arguably overdue, remodels of the traditional keyboard.

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AirType is a fantastic idea, I'll be signing up asap
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