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Future Tech: 

Amazon’s magic wand for grocery shopping

Amazon has made shopping even easier, as long as you don’t mind only ordering goods from its own stores, with a new gadget called the Dash.

A magic wand for buying stuff

It’s basically a remote control for purchasing snacks, or pretty much anything Amazon sells. Connected to your home’s Wi-Fi, the compact handheld device works in two ways. There’s a voice button, into which you just have to say the name of the thing you want. Alternatively, simply point it at a barcode and Dash will add it to your list. It’s a sturdy thing, capable of being seized by sticky, flour-covered┬áhands, and has a handy loop for hanging on the fridge.

What if my kids get hold of it?

It doesn’t automatically order the items, so you don’t have to worry about your little ones accidentally scanning an old champagne bottle 50 times, it just adds groceries to your shopping basket, which you can view, amend – in order to avoid mistakes like these – and order whenever you want.

How do I get one?

For now, you have to be an Amazon Prime Fresh customer to get your own Dash, which costs $300 per year and is currently only available in a few cities.

Regardless of availability, as Engadget points out, the e-commerce giant continues to help us buy more stuff with ever-decreasing effort. Is this stuff essential? Yes. Now excuse us while we scan this empty bag of pretzels 100 times…

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