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The 5 Apple Watch apps you should download first


There are more than 3,000 Apple Watch apps to choose from. So, where should you start?

Did you get your Apple Watch? The high-tech timekeeper might only have been available for a matter of hours, yet somehow we feel like we’ve been talking about it for years. Oh, that’s right, because we have – although when what everyone assumed would be called the iWatch was finally unveiled last year, it wasn’t only the name that was different to what we expected.

Now it’s finally available, though, the time for speculation is over. So which Apple Watch apps should you download first?

The 5 best Apple Watch apps

1. Citymapper


If traditional watches were about keeping time, then a smartwatch should be about saving you time. We don’t just mean the time it takes to pull your phone out of your pocket either, with apps like Citymapper you can find the fastest way to get to your destination with little more than a tap and a twist of the wrist.

2. Nike+


Fitness apps are one of the major advantages of owning a smartwatch, but not everyone is so enthralled with the Apple Health app as they are the Apple Watch design. Thankfully, it’s not the only fitness app on offer then, and if it’s anything like the smartphone version – we reckon Nike+ might be your safest bet.

3. Todoist


Still find yourself scrawling over your hands in pen when there’s something you need to remember? Todoist for Apple Watch is a bit like that system, only less messy, organizing your day without needing to scrub your hands with soap afterwards to delete your notes and memos.

4. NYTimes


With an Apple Watch on your wrist, breaking news just became more instant than ever before. Keeping abreast of the latest news can be tough in today’s high-speed social media climate, but by downloading the NYTimes app you can at least keep on top of the headlines, saving the articles that interest you the most to read later.

5. Dart


Finally, while typing might not be easy on the Apple Watch’s tiny screen, communication doesn’t have to flow in full sentences. Download Dart, then, and next time you get a message you scroll through a list of automated responses and choose one that fits best.

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