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Future Tech: 

ASWY’s new speakers float in thin air


Even a floating speaker can’t separate you from competition for long enough.

Taiwanese company ASWY have presented their prototype of a levitating bluetooth speaker at IFA in Berlin to follow OM Audio’s OM/ONE and join an emerging trend of gadgets that defy gravity.

ASWY’s speakers can last up to 5 hours and feature Bluetooth 4.0 support. Like in the case of OM Audio’s speakers, users can disable the ‘floating’ function when they want. The device features a micro USB port to make charging easier and also has an integrated microphone.

According to a review by Engadget, the floating function does not aid the performance of the speakers. The device fairs very well in the sound department but the most points go to design and aesthetics. The new speakers will definitely be a conversation-starter for anyone who buys them, adding a little bit of magic and flair to any room. As they are just a prototype the speakers lay the groundwork for a promising future.


We can’t wait to see how they develop and hopefully reach the point where sound and visuals are at the same level.

For those interested in this futuristic version of speakers they will have to wait until November when they will hit the market. In terms of the price tag the speakers are expected to set you back $149.

Photos: Engadget/
GIF: Engadget/

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