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Attenborough documentaries will become a Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality has taken yet another step further, now promising to bring us closer to David Attenborough’s epic documentaries than ever before.

For years Attenborough has had the nature documentary market sewn up – regularly leaving us in a fixated state of wonderment and awe with his many documentaries portraying nature’s beauty.

Now, thanks to Alchemy VR, a collaboration between Atlantic Productions and VFX studio Zoo, Attenborough’s documentaries are to be given the Virtual Reality treatment. The two companies are no strangers to the workings of the softly-spoken naturalist. They were also responsible for the beautiful work on Flying Monsters 3D as well as Natural History Museum Alive 3D.

Imagine being this close to the natural wonders of the world

Imagine being this close to the natural wonders of the world

Alchemy plans to create inspiring educational stories with both Sony and Oculus Rift, with one of the marquee projects involving Attenborough himself. Creative Director of Alchemy Phil Harper told Wired, “Sure you could go and jump out of a plane. But how about going on a dive 400 million years ago? That kind of stuff just isn’t possible at all, but Virtual Reality makes it possible for us to give people those experiences, which is very exciting.”

Apparently the first Attenborough project will focus on a number of creatures from the Cambrian ocean from over 550 million years ago. The team responsible for building the creatures for the Virtual Reality showcase rightly felt that to actually come face to face with such creatures would be one of the most unique experiences in the world.

We wait with bated breath…

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