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B-and-Bee makes your music festival experience comfy


Wave goodbye to tents and sleeping bags

Remember our list of the 10 essential apps for festival survival? We are half way through summer and with the festival fever burning we thought we’d bring you more exciting news on how you can make your musical mini-break even better.

Music festivals usually go hand in hand with a sleeping bag and a tent right? Not anymore!

Dutch company Achilles Design might just have hit the nail on the head for all festival fans with its honeycomb-shaped B-And-Bee shelter – geddit?

The B-And-Bee features a space-saving design that takes up a smaller physical space when compared to traditional tents. The shelters are stacked together in the shape of a beehive, utilizing space efficiently.

“We thought, why not stack a honeycomb, not for bees, but for festival goers to offer a very comfortable, cozy alternative for the overbooked and overpriced hotels during festival times?” said co-inventor Barbara Vanthorre.

Metal steps connect the compact rooms and a roll-up sheet acts us as a zip-up door. When it comes to the interior of each room, there’s a king-size bed inside that can also be used for seating. In addition, the smartly designed interior can also support luggage storage and includes a locker, light, and a power supply. Not too shabby right?

The company also commented that the innovative design is easily transported and assembled.

“B-and-bee can be setup quickly, anywhere and using only a very small footprint,” said the design team. “It’s not only designed for remote campsites, but meant for the middle of the action as well.”

The design is currently being tested at the Belgium Gentse Feesten and even though it’s early days we feel like this could be a game changer for the festival crowds and camping enthusiasts. B-And-Bee acts as a personal suite introducing comfort to your holidays.

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