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Future Tech: 

The basketball of the future

Wilson Smart basketball

Sports equipment giant Wilson has revealed its plans to revolutionize the game of hoops by fitting performance-tracking sensors inside basketballs.

What will it tell me about my game?

Developed by Wilson in partnership with Finnish artificial intelligence specialists SportIQ, you’ll be able to pair the new smart basketball with an app and use it to easily track data, such as how well you’re shooting from various court positions, how long it takes you to release a shot and how many shots you’ve made or missed.

Wilson’s VP of Digital, Tom Gruger, told Engadget that the ball has been in development for over two years, and the goal has been to “provide actionable data to players so their training could be more focused on ‘actual’ rather than ‘perceived’ performance.”

When can I get one?

At the moment the smart ball is marketed towards normal folk like you and I, and is due to launch towards the end of the year, but Wilson hasn’t ruled out the possibility of the tech being used in future pro competitions. Wilson is also working on similar tech for other sports.

All we would have added is technology that makes the basketball catch fire after making three baskets in a row, but we appreciate that might be tricky.

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