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Future Tech: 

The BBC wants you to control iPlayer with your mind


The battle over the television remote may soon be settled once and for all, as the BBC trial a new technology that would allow you to change the channel with YOUR MIND. Like a wizard.

The broadcaster’s head of business development Cyrus Saihan explained the project in an official BBC blog post, explaining how it used a low-cost brainwave-reading headset to create the ‘Mind Control TV’ prototype. No, it’s not April 1st, and experimenting with mind control tech is actually more common than you might think.

“Our first trial run saw 10 BBC staff members try out the app,” says Saihan. “All were able to launch BBC iPlayer and start viewing a programme simply by using their minds. It was much easier for some than it was for others, but they all managed to get it to work.”

Struggling to get your mind around mind control? It’s actually more logical than you might think. The EEG-brainwave headset works by measuring your brain power and responding to how relaxed you are. With a list of programs in front of the viewer, they can cycle through the shows by meditating – or relaxing their brain power – to move down in the list. Gizmodo likens it to using a power bar in a golf game – only, y’know, with your brain.

Saihan continues: “The idea of being able to simply think about something and then magically make it happen has fascinated people for many years. Whether it’s using ‘the Force’ in Star Wars, spoon bending on stage or The Matrix, controlling objects simply with your brain has a unique appeal and could open up a whole world of possibilities.”

Learn more about the BBC’s mind control experiments and how we may all soon be ditching the remote over on the BBC’s blog.

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