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The Best Ever One-Tweet-Wonders

One Tweet Wonder

One and done – Twitter’s One-Tweet-Wonders

Twitter attracts all sorts of different people – from those that can’t inhale without informing their legion of devoted followers, to those that lurk in the shadows without ever sending a single tweet of their own.

Our favourite breed of tweeter, though, are those that sign up for an account with the best of intentions before abandoning it after a single post. Introducing the One-Tweet-Wonders.

You probably know of a One Tweet Wonder yourself – they sign up for Twitter because of peer pressure or simply out of curiosity, but aren’t impressed by their findings. “What’s the difference between a favourite and a retweet?” and “Why don’t I have any followers?” are typical hurdles.

 One-Tweet-Wonders sign up out of curiosity, but aren’t impressed by their findings 
While these users may have left Twitter for good, they leave behind their orphaned tweets as a legacy. Some legacies are greater than others, though, and One-Tweet-Wonders can range from the mundane to the hilarious. To save you from trawling through Twitter, we’ve rounded up some of out favourites for your reading pleasure.

So, do any of the following look familiar?

Those in need of help

There’s no place like Twitter for having a good moan, but sometimes it can read like a genuine cry for help. This pair of Tweeters didn’t stick around long, but let’s hope they’re feeling better now.


The opportunist

You’ve just joined Twitter – so what better way to celebrate than with donuts? Wait, Twitter doesn’t sell donuts? This has been a huge mistake.


The inquisitive mind

You’ll be surprised how much you can learn in 140 characters, but we suspect this user may have been over-reaching.


The desperately mundane

Admittedly, Twitter isn’t for everyone…


Those who quit while they’re ahead

Ever get the feeling that you’ve peaked? These ‘One Tweet’ accounts know the thrill of being heavily retweeted, but smartly chose to quit while they were ahead.


The seasonal tweeter

The holiday season can leave you with a lot of free time on your hands – but remember Twitter is for life, not just for Christmas.


The enthusiastic young go-getter

Yo yo yo – here’s a kid who looks like he has something to say. Oh wait, is that it?


Short but sweet

Falling well short of the 140 character limit, Anne’s brevity is to be celebrated. However, something tells us her personal brand could use some developing.

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