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Future Tech: 

The electric bicycle that can fit in a backpack

Impossible folding bike1 body

Don’t accidentally put it on top of your packed lunch

Folding bicycles, let’s face it, aren’t always what you’d probably class as compact. Once folded up, they often create an experience not dissimilar to carrying a regular bicycle that’s been in a car wreck, even if they do fold up in just one second. They also usually have the same weight as a bag of bowling balls.

Well soon muddy suits and sore hands will be optional, thanks to a new creation called the Impossible. Created by specialists in China and Canada, the folding bike is billed as compact enough to fit inside a backpack. Not only that, it’s also electrically powered.

Currently raising money on Kickstarter, where the Impossible has smashed its $55,000 target with over a month to go, the rather flimsy-looking bike can currently support riders of up to 180 pounds. That doesn’t fill us with too much confidence, but then it is a work in progress. The lightweight disc motor, with ten 3.6V batteries, allows the contraption to travel up to 12.4mph (20km/h) for 45 minutes.

Impossible folding bike2 body

How sturdy does that look!

In its current form, 40 percent of parts on the bike are customizable, including the wheels and handlebars, with the hope that everything will be yours to color and customize in the future. The carbon fiber two-wheeler will need eight months of fine-tuning before it’s ready for production. Costs for an Impossible are between $430 and $530.

According to the company’s ‘stretch goal’, if $300,000 is reached, Bluetooth 4.0 tech will be built into every model, meaning you could use your smartphone to connect to the bike to display your speed and remaining battery life. At $700,000, GPS functionality will be added for route planning and estimated arrival times. With 36 days to go and $208,000 in the bank and counting, we’d bet at least the first of these plans will happen.

Check it out on Kickstarter.

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