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The Big Christmas Gift Guide 2014

Feeling uninspired? Christmas shopping either comes naturally to you, or, like us, it’s a case of spending the week before the big day wandering aimlessly around department stores in a state of desperation. Nobody likes socks, not really, and that TV boxset you’ve been staring at for the past hour isn’t winning any points for originality. Plus, everyone in your family has already seen it. You watched it together.

This year will be different. We’ve scoured the far corners of the internet for some more unusual – albeit expensive – gift ideas from the world of tech. So, if you’re still stuck for something to buy, try these on for size – just remember to stay safe if you’re ordering online.


rocket skates

Who said Christmas was for the kids? Because we reckon just about anybody would be delighted ripping off the wrapping paper to reveal a pair of RocketSkates. Having bagged its $50,000 Kickstarter goal more than ten times over, these electric powered skates begin shipping in January.

Price: $499



The Internet of Things has been everywhere in tech this year, but’s Mother is one of few products to get it right. This strange-looking doll comes with a number of sensors that can be set to monitor your fitness, sleep, security and more. Attach them to your toothbrush, mugs, pillows and fridge doors and see what they can do.

Price: $290

Normals earbuds


Earbuds come in an overwhelming variety of shapes and sizes, so save yourself some embarrassment by buying a pair you know will be a perfect fit. With a Normals gift card, the recipient simply has to submit a picture of their ears via a dedicated app and receive made-to-measure buds within just 48 hours.

Price: $199

Samsung Gear


While the world waits for Oculus Rift, Samsung has rolled out its own VR headset early. The perfect gift for gaming fanatics this Christmas.

Price: $500

Onyx communicator

Onyx walkie talkie for trekkies

Friends with a Trekkie? Onyx is a wearable Star Trek communicator which will bring their favorite show to life. Just a tip, though – you might want to buy two so they have somebody to talk to.

Price: $99 (2 for $195)

Dash & Dot


Kids grow up fast, so buy your little ones a toy that will grow up with them. Smaller kids (5+) can happily interact and play around with Dash & Dot‘s designated apps, but as they grow older they can tackle more complex puzzles and even learn to code.

Price: From $169

Impossible Instant Lab

instant lab

For that sentimental friend who has kept every birthday card they’ve ever been sent, Impossible Instant Lab is a nifty device for turning digital snaps into polaroid pictures. Simply place an iPhone on top and watch Impossible print out memories in a matter of minutes.

Price: $200

Remee lucid dreaming mask


Lucid dreaming technology has been a bumpy ride but, at last, Remee claims to have created “the world’s first comfortable, affordable, lucid dreaming mask”. Neat!

Price: $95

Selfie Toaster


Obviously anybody would be delighted to receive a selfie toaster as a gift, but the question is whose face will you instruct it to toast onto the bread? Theirs? Or your own? We can’t work out which is more awkward.

Price: $65

Siva Cycle Atom


Cyclists use up huge amounts of energy every day just getting to and from work – so why not put it to use? Siva Cycle Atom collects all that peddling power and converts it into precious battery juice to charge your smartphone.

Price: $130

3D-printing pen


3D-printing came a long way in 2014, but the most impressive 3D-printer came in the form of a pen. At just $99, this makes a perfect gift for creative types.

Price: $99



No, not just a kettle, an iKettle. What’s the difference? Well, not only can you set it to boil from anywhere via a dedicated app, but it also knows to turn itself on as you walk through the door and can even function as an alarm clock. Ideal for the caffeine addict in your life.

Price: $155

‘Selfie Drone’


Thought generation selfie was about to reach breaking point? Well, here’s what’s next. A little vain? perhaps. A little expensive? definitely. Still, it should appeal to early adopters wanting to get ahead of the curve.

Price: $750

Sense sleep tracker

sense back to school

Shipping February 2015, it won’t arrive quite in time for Christmas, but Sense might just be the ultimate sleeping aid for insomniacs. Nobody will forget this gift in a hurry.

Price: $129

Personalised Instagram books


Finally, for the friend who loves to take photos, sign them up with Books To Me and they’ll receive a lovingly bound book of their best snaps every month. Like this lovely one of a tyre that’s been captured above.

Price: From $24 per month

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