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The bike to elude all thieves

A bike that looks robbed so it won't be robbed!

A bike that looks robbed, so it won’t be robbed!

Having a bike in a big metropolis is always linked to the fear of it being stolen. No matter how many smart locks or chains you safeguard your bike with, there is always the inconvenience of carrying them with you, losing the keys or forgetting your password combination. Put all these troubles behind you with the Yerka project.

Chilean engineering students Juan Monsalve, Andres Roi and Cristobal Cabello have come up with a prototype bike that looks to address all of the problems faced by a contemporary biker. The core of this imaginative enterprise rests on the idea of not adding extra parts on the bike to make sure it’s safely locked but rather use already existing parts to achieve that.

The bike differentiates itself by incorporating its lock on the actual frame of the bike. To break this down, one of the three axes that make up the frame of the bike collapses to form two pieces of metal to surround the pole/parking station the biker is going to use to tie their bike to, acting as a substitute to a chain. Then, the bike seat can be retracted with its pole to bring the two pieces together and essentially lock the bike around the parking station.

This whole process might sound complicated when put in words but it actually takes only 20 seconds to complete. You can take a look at the video below.

The Yerka porject would definitely deter a lot of aspiring bike thieves from having a go at your two-wheeled vehicle since when parked and locked, it looks like parts have been stolen already!

Buzz around the web has been that this could be the ‘Unstealable bike’ we’ve all been dreaming for. The sad truth is that thieves these days are so crafty and imaginative that we will need much more than a collapsible bike to stop them. Is the Yerka a great idea? Yeah! Unstealable? Probably not!

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