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Future Tech: 

This bluetooth speaker is powered by fire


Pelty is no ordinary candle holder

The Doors, Jimi Hendrix and The Prodigy all wrote hit songs about fire, but – in a more literal sense – music and flames are best kept well away from eachother. Until now, that is, with the launch of Pelty – a bluetooth speaker powered by a lit candle.

Pelty is a radical solution to 21st century woes, relying not on batteries, sockets or sunlight to play the music you love, but that most natural of resources – fire.

If you’re as in awe of fire as Pelty’s designers, then you’ll want to watch this promotional video;

So, errr, how does it work?

Pelty takes its name from the Peltier effect, which is the process by which electricity is created by the heating and cooling of two conductors. The two different temperatures start a flow of electrons which then creates electricity. Still confused? We don’t blame you, but the process is explained in more detail by Rimstar.

More importantly for us, you can control Pelty like any other bluetooth speaker, browsing and playing songs straight from your smartphone and tablet. Unlike its competitors, it also serves as a handy light.

Pelty is the subject of an crowdfunding project, where its designers hope to raise $100,000 in the next 46 days. It’s raised just over $5,000 so far, so if you like what you see – check out the Indiegogo page to read more and pledge.

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