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Future Tech: 

Your own Bond villain secret lair

secret bond lair

Looks like a boulder to me

When in its unfolded shape, you wouldn’t be mocked for thinking the Tetra-Shed is a giant volcanic rock that has no earthly business being in anyone’s garden. However, as the name hints, this is in fact a top-secret lair.

Or, in actual fact, a shed?

Well, yes, but you don’t have to use it for storing shovels. Designed by ‘architecture practice innovation imperative’ it can be anything, from a stylish office or gaming room to a den for the kids. Or just go ahead and use it as a really expensive shed.

Is it just a misshapen wooden box, then?

Far from it. While it may appear quite basic on first glance, the Tetra-Shed offers electric under-floor heating and LED lighting. The materials used include plywood, cork, copper, rubber, zinc and steel.

There’s not much room to swing a cat

It’s about 11-feet high with around 33ft² of floor area, so not too cramped. However, the Tetra-Shed’s modular design means that two or three units can be joined together. Combine four sheds together and you’ve got yourself a jagged fortress for all the family.

How do I get it into my back garden?

It’s delivered as a flat-pack system with the option of self-assembly. You can order online with prices starting at around £15,000 ($25,100).

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I would quite happily live in this.
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