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Future Tech: 

Bublcam offers 360 degree vision – without a single blindspot


Say goodbye to blindspots!

The human head is the most realistic 3D camera available but it has one significant limitation – it can’t rotate in a full 360-degree circle. Bublcam is a product that solves this problem once and for all.

Bublcam is a portable camera unit offering users the ability to have a spherical view of their surroundings without any limitations or blind spots. Taking over two years to develop the finished product is an impressive camera that goes beyond the ordinary to offer high quality pictures and videos.

The camera is made from aluminium and plastic and it features an accelerometer to stabilize it. The experience is enhanced by the fact that the camera connects to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi. Additionally, Bublcam can take a micro SD card and can charge through a micro USB. The Wi-Fi function makes it possible for videos to be streamed live.

The potential of this product could stretch beyond normal private use by customers. From great sports moments to weather events and political conferences, this camera could be utilized in all facets of our lives giving them a 360-dimension. If you want to let your imagination ran wild then picture this: A Bublcam on a flying drone! Now how cool would that be? Take a look at the camera during Tomorrowland festival – using the options below the player to switch between views.

Bublcam in its current state doesn’t come cheap, priced at $579 with delivery expected to commence this fall. However, the company claims it’s working on getting a cheaper edition below the $500 mark by next year.

Is the high price tag enough to burst your Bubl? Let us know what you make of it in the comments below.

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