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Calculate how long you’ve spent watching TV

True Detective - 2013

“Probably a couple of hours a week?”

Wrong! Once upon a time our daily TV consumption consisted of 25 minutes of Neighbours a day at 17:35, maybe followed by half an episode of The Simpsons and then it was off with the telly and outside for a rousing game of something like this.

Now, thanks to DVD box sets, ultra-speedy broadband and streaming services such as Netflix, watching TV in six-hour bursts for days at a time is becoming the norm. That’s where comes in. A starkly simple website, all you have to do is enter the show you’ve been watching, along with the number of series you’ve digested and it will tell you, in mere moments, just how many minutes, hours and whole days of actual life you’ve spent staring at the on-screen characters.

How long are we talking for a complete box set?

Seen every episode of Cheers? That’s five days of watching what is, effectively, the pub. Or how about all eight seasons of House? That’s just over a week of your existence. How about… M*A*S*H? Boom: nearly 11 days. Incidentally, if you were the world record holder for staying awake (something we’d strongly advise against trying) you could just about watch M*A*S*H all in one sitting.

Friends is a mammoth 15 days and 20 hours. That’s a lot of staring at Rachel and Joey et al

Want to go even further and work out percentages of your life? Visit this useful site, feel sad for a bit and then go and re-watch all of The Sopranos…

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