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Future Tech: 

The carry-on bag we’ve all been waiting for


Smart luggage smashes Kickstarter target in minutes

This must be a new record.

After launching their Indiegogo campaign just yesterday, Bluesmart – the world’s first smart carry-on bag – has already exceeded its target with a whopping 408% funding. Their initial $50,000 goal was smashed within hours of launch, currently standing at a bit more than $200,000 and with 34 days left on the clock.

So what’s so special about this bag?

Connected to your phone by an accompanying app, you can lock and unlock the bag, weigh it and track its location. There’s also a built-in, super-powerful battery charger, capable of charging up to two devices to keep you connected on the go.

When it comes to security issues, the app will notify you in the case someone tries to unlock your bag without your permission whereas you can also use the app to share access with people you trust.

Moreover, the bag is equipped with proximity sensors to let you know when you’ve left it behind whereas a map can track its last recorded location.

How come nobody thought of this earlier?

In an interview with Daily Mail, co-founder of Bluesmart Tomi Pierucci commented on the thought-process behind this ingenious idea.

“We came up with the idea for Bluesmart after suffering a couple of bad experiences with our luggage, when airlines forced us to check bags only to have them mishandled or lost. We realised that with all the amazing technology available today, we could do better. Suitcases haven’t seen much innovation in decades, so we decided to design a suitcase for this century.”

Travelling gear hasn’t been upgraded in years and it was about time someone combined creativity with technology to make something new. The popularity of the project simply reflects the brilliantly simple yet amazingly effective concept of the bag.

Estimated delivery is August 2015 and we couldn’t be more excited for a product that will take our vacations to another level.

Photo: Bluesmart

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