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Carrying some emotional baggage? Drop it off at the Emotional Baggage Check…

Emotional Baggage Check

Emotional baggage is a pretty weird term when you think about it: unlike real baggage which is – presumably – useful in some way, emotional baggage would be better for everyone if it could just be dumped by the side of the road in a really untidy, non-eco friendly way.

Fortunately, the folks at Emotional Baggage Check have a better, less psychopathic, way of dealing with life’s emotional bumps and scars. The website allows users to offload their problems onto the site, where they will get sent a personalized pep talk and thematically appropriate song from a complete stranger.

So if you were feeling sad because you’d just lost big at poker, I could send you Lady Gaga’s Poker Face and a couple of wise words to pick you up. Well I couldn’t – I can’t play poker – but someone could.

The site is entirely run by anonymous users who pop up to offload baggage and take someone else’s, but if you don’t feel qualified to answer someone’s problem, you can ask to see another.

It’s all really quite heartwarming, and just the kind of thing to give even the most cynical type the fuzzies temporarily.  The only downside is I’m yet to find any man sharing their dissatisfaction at being given a girl’s name, because I have just the song

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Music is the best healer.
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