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CES 2015: What to expect from the world’s biggest tech show


As CES 2015 officially kicks off today in Las Vegas, we can’t help but think what great timing it is. Yes, Christmas is over and you’ve returned to work older and fatter than the year before, but hey – here’s a bunch of cool new stuff to get excited about live from the world’s biggest technology show.

The Consumer Electronics Show is where all the year’s biggest trends will be set, with previous years providing the initial platform for Blu-ray, 3D, e-readers and tablets. So, what can we expect to see at CES 2015? Here’s what to watch out for over the next four days.

Everything is connected

We’ve been harping on about The Internet of Things for quite some time now, and sure enough we’ve begun to see the first wave of connected devices. From kettles and fridges, to lightbulbs, windows and mirrors, household objects are getting smarter. They’re no longer just clever concepts either – some of these are products you can already buy, with many more hitting stores in the very near future.

So why has it taken so long for the Internet of Things to take off? The main problem faced by manufacturers is that while our things can now communicate, they don’t share a universal language. So, each product might connect to your smartphone via its own dedicated app, but until all of these gadgets can talk to eachother their potential won’t be fulfilled. These issues could be resolved at CES 2015, where as well as a host of new connected devices on show, we can expect to see tech companies looking to claim the space and connect our devices together.

New year, new wearables

If you’re feeling a sense of deja vu, it’s because 2014 was supposed to be the big year for wearables at CES. Sure enough lots of wearable gadgets were released over the course of the year, but most of them never made it past the pages of technology blogs and onto our bodies.

Learning from the mistakes of last year, 2015 is all about the second wave of Wearable tech. Expect to see yet more wristbands and fitness trackers, but also expect to see other wearable gadgets fulfilling other functions. Headphones, jewellery and even belts are a few of the areas subject to a rethink, with many more devices expect to be launched at this year’s show. One product you won’t see at CES 2015 is the Apple Watch – the company isn’t on the schedule for this year’s show so you’ll have to wait for its own event later this spring.

Make way for Quantum Dots


Another year, another buzzword to learn in order to understand the latest in TV technology. At least this one sounds cool.

Quantum Dots are set to have a big presence at CES 2015, with most major manufacturers adopting the technology in their newest models. But what exactly are they? To put it simply, it’s a new type of LCD display that uses a layer of nanoparticles to offer a wider and more precise range or colors – as seen already in the Kindle Fire HDX tablet. This kind of display is much cheaper to produce than OLED and much more reliable than plasma, so you can expect to hear tech companies banging on about Quantum Dots at CES and beyond.

A new dawn for virtual reality

Oculus Rift has been a major talking point from CES for the past two year’s running, but 2015 could be the year it goes truly mainstream. With the headset ready to go on sale to the general public later this year, expect to see plenty of new software looking to get a slice of the virtual reality pie.

There’s more to VR than Oculus too, so don’t be surprised to find new hardware announced this year to join the likes of Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard. Virtuix Omni, for instance, is likely to feature again at this year’s show – a treadmill like device that allows you to walk around virtual worlds as naturally as you would the real one.

Car manufacturers think smart

Finally, the exhibitors list for CES 2015 is packed with car manufacturers, with almost the entire of the North Hall dedicated to big names including BMW, Audi, Ford and Honda. Will we see more self-driving cars in action? Possibly. What you can pretty much guarantee, though, is a host of new in-car software to help make your journeys smarter and safer.

That’s just scratching the surface of course, so keep your eyes on GoExplore for all the latest from CES this week.

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