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This chair will help you stay fit while you sit


Tao Chair helps you get in shape while you watch TV

If you’ve spent the holiday season stuck to the sofa and stuffing your face, then you’re probably now busy making fitness resolutions for the new year. The problem is that you hate the gym, you don’t own the right sports gear and those trips to and from the refrigerator just aren’t going to be enough to burn off the extra calories.

Introducing Tao Chair, the living room recliner that will keep you in shape without dragging you away from your favorite Netflix series. The chair will help you burn calories, strengthen muscles and reduce stress, while it’s stylish leather upholstery will keep your lounge looking like a lounge.

Showcased at the 2015 International CES conference in Las Vegas, the unique fitness solution comes from start-up Tao Wellness and uses the same isometric principles found in the rest of its products. Essentially, workouts involve pushing and pulling against the chair’s armrests while a small screen displays just how many calories you’ve burned. The chair also connects to a smartphone app for further exercise routines and fitness games that you can play from a sitting position. The best kind of fitness games, in other words.

“Turns downtime into exercise time”

Speaking to Mashable, Tao Wellness co-founder Philo Northrup explains: “This concept turns downtime into exercise time. People want to be healthier, but find it hard to find the time, especially after work when they want to watch TV with the family. Instead of eating potato chips while relaxing, you can burn calories, tone muscle and keep the heart pumping.”

The Tao Chair is still in the prototype stage for now, and just how effective it will be as a fitness plan remains to be seen. However, the company says it is looking to partner with furniture companies to bring the lounger into living rooms sometime in 2015.

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