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The big christmas gift guide 2015

Well, that came around quick. Despite promising we’d get our shopping done early this year, the Christmas countdown has crept up on us once again. On the plus side, there are still two weeks to go, but also THERE ARE JUST TWO WEEKS TO GO.

Luckily we have some ideas, so if you’re still sitting at home with endless rolls of wrapping paper but nothing to wrap, then we’re here to help. Here are ten great gift ideas form the worlds of science and tech.

Ten gift ideas for Christmas 2015:

1. Sphero BB-8

For the Star Wars fanatic in your life, this one is a no brainer. Episode VII opens in cinemas the week before Christmas, so it’ll still be the talk of the table come the big day. Sphero’s BB-8 toy is the ultimate bit of merchandise to keep kids (and kids at heart) entertained in the hours between lunch and charades.

Price: $149.99

2. Astronaut ice cream

astronaut-ice-cream-christmas-gift-idea-2015For a christmas dessert, how about some Neapolitan ice cream served up space-style? This freeze-dried delicacy tastes like the real thing and makes a great stocking filler, or an ideal secret santa gift for tight budgets.

Price: $6

3. Google Cardboard


An Oculus Rift headset would have been the perfect gift for gamers this Christmas, but it’s not released until next year. However, they can still get a taste of VR with this affordably priced alternative form Google.

Price: $23.95

4. Micro Drone 2.0


Paper gliders were a popular Chistmas stocking filler when we were kids, but they can’t compete with the drones of today. Not only is this one reasonably priced, but for an extra $30 it comes kitted with an HD camera so you can film your flights.

Price: $79

5. Flyte


Ooooh, see how it floats? This fancy lightbulb will undoubtedly be a talking point at any Christmas unwrapping. It doesn’t come cheap, but it looks great and will even charge your phone. A surefire winner for tech or design nerds.

Price: $349

6. STEM box


Subscriptions always make good Christmas presents, and this one is perfect for a young daughter, granddaughter or niece. The monthly STEM boxes come packed with tools to spark a lifetime of scientific pursuit, while addressing the gender imbalance within STEM industries.

Price: $36 per month

7. Mopet Robot Mop

robot mop

You’ve heard of robot vacuums, now meet Mopet the robo mop. It is still a mop at the end of the day, but it will make an ugly job that little bit more fun.

Price: $40

8. Saent


Is there a person in your life who can’t stop procrastinating? Then this is the gift for them – a simple button that blocks out distractions so they can get on with whatever it is they should be doing. Passive aggressive? Sure, but effective.

Price: $45


Distractions are a lot more fun than distraction-killers, of course, and they don’t come much more distracting than PLEN. This desktop robot is completely open-source, so you can build and personalize it to your heart’s content. Yes please.

Price: From $899

10. WonderWoof


Last but not least, something for the dog. WonderWoof might look like doggie formal wear, but it’s actually a fitness tracker and puppy playdate arranger rolled into one. At last, your pooch can look the part while also getting into shape for their next social engagement.

Price: $145

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