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Future Tech: 

CityHome makes your tiny apartment three times bigger


Time to pack your bed away? Use ‘the force’

As anyone who saw this advert for the tiny London bedsit valued at £737 a month (about $1,250) will testify – space is a luxury in the city. That London flat was taken off the market by the local authority, but many other city-dwellers are still left living in miniature apartments with sky-high price tags.

One solution to the problem comes from MIT Media Lab’s Changing Places project, which presents CityHome – a design concept capable of transforming a cramped studio flat into a stylish future pad that you’d actually want to spend time in.

First, watch this video to see how it works;

As you can see, CityHome is essentially a large box that sits in the centre of your apartment. It responds to gestures, transforming its shape to completely alter the size and function of your living space.

So, with a flick of the wrist a bed can become a dining table, and a kitchen hob can disappear to reveal a desk. You can also slide the box around your room, so if you need your bathroom to be bigger – just push CityHome into the space that you’re not using.

The concept is primarily designed with space saving in mind, but it also offers other ‘smart home’ functions such as apps to adjust the lighting and further personalise your space.

Although MIT’s CityHome is only a concept for now, it’s designer Kent Larson told Fast Company he wants to develop it into a purchasable product. So, watch this space – in the future, it could be three times as big.

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