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Future Tech: 

Squeezable lamp mimics any color it touches

colorup lamp

Any colour you like is just a squeeze away

Sometimes we don’t know what we want until it’s quite literally plonked down on the table in front of us. ColorUp from Pega D&E is a case in point – essentially a squeezable table lamp that mimics any colour it comes into contact with.

The lightbulb-shaped lamp helps you set the perfect mood through it’s color detecting sensors – just rest the base of the bulb on your chosen shade and give it a squeeze. The light itself is surrounded in a silicone outer-casing which explains its elasticity, while it can also be handled and moved around without burning the tips of your fingers.

The development of ColorUp was not without its difficulties. The thickness of the silicon, for instance, means that an extra bright bulb is needed which then requires a larger battery – bulking up the design of the overall product. The design company claims it was keen to retain the ‘visual elegance’ of its lamp, but really, there’s only so many ways you can jazz up a giant lightbulb.

Even so, ColorUp feels fun and playful, appealing to our childish instinct to play with just about anything we lay our hands on.

Pega D&E’s website explains: “We believe most people have thought about changing the colors of their walls or surroundings, but it was too troublesome and most of us just give up and forget about it. That is the user experience ColorUp is changing; start remembering the passion you have for colors, start remembering the times you wish you could just change all the colors in your room, because now you can.”

ColorUp is apparently set to be released before the end of 2014. Until we hear more, though, it’s back to basic non-squeezable bulbs with their unrelenting spew of plain white light. Once you’ve seen the future, it’s just so hard to go back.

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