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Future Tech: 

DeepFlight Dragon is a personal submarine for deep sea explorers


The $1.5 million DeepFlight Dragon has room for a co-pilot or evil sidekick.

Up until about 10 minutes ago we were under the impression that owning a personal submarine made you either, A) a Navy admiral B) James Bond, or C) James Bond’s enemy. As it turns out, though, anyone can cruise the ocean in a personal sub – so long as money is no object.

Named DeepFlight Dragon, this $1.5 million submarine was unveiled at this week’s Monaco Yacht Show, and it can supposedly be piloted with only minimal training.

The Dragon is able to operate at a depth of up to 400ft, with deep sea adventures able to last as long as 6 hours before you have to return to base. The sub is designed to sit on your personal boat or yacht (yes, that one), where it can charge overnight ready for a morning dip.

DeepFlight’s latest vessel also offers a hovering capability, meaning its owners can glide around the ocean depths in near silence using a set of rotors. With two seats, there’s even room for a co-pilot or evil sidekick.

‘Big animals and ancient shipwrecks’

“The Dragon is the first DeepFlight craft to offer hovering capability, allowing complete freedom to cruise alongside big animals or stop and hover over ancient shipwrecks,” says the Deepflight website.

If the personal submarine seems like just another expensive toy for the super rich – you’re probably right – but at least it’s an environmentally friendly one. The Dragon uses a high-efficiency drivetrain and a lithium-iron-phosphate battery to ensure it’s clean, quiet and safe to share the sea with swimmers and marine animals.

What might you see on your travels? If you know where to look, the company suggests you could encounter sharks, giant squids and even whales from the safety of your sub.

Watch the company’s founder Graham Hawkes doing exactly that in a video for GoPro, below:

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