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Future Tech: 

This drone wants to destroy all red balloons


This balloon-popping drone is not much fun at parties

We’ve known some party-poopers in our time, but this drone might just be the biggest yet – built for the sole purpose of hunting down and popping red balloons.

Japan-based developer Randy Mackay has created a drone which is capable of independently scouting an area for the offending objects, before swooping and bursting them in one fell swoop.

The drone is equipped with a camera that can identify a blob of red, adjusting its flight path and accellerating towards it with whirring propellors. Just be careful what you wear while you’re in its vicinity.

The anti-balloon drone was built as part of the Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition, which challenged entrants to create airborne robots. Mackay used a variety of different flight controllers and open source library OpenCV to complete the project.

Speaking to, University of Sheffield drone expert Keith Colton said: “It’s a good first step towards being able to identify other items or people. Being able to use vision systems for either in-air refuelling or in-air recharging is something that I can definitely see a direct use for.”

Mackay has written a more detailed explanation of how his drone works over at DIY Drones.

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