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These gadgets want to get you drunk

While kicking back with a cold bottle of space beer this past weekend, naturally, we got to thinking about the journey of our brave beverage 408,035ft above the Earth’s surface and back down again into our hands. Amazing, sure, but it did seem like a lot of effort for an imperial stout not so different from those available from our local. Still, surely in 2015 there are other, cheaper ways of applying science and technology to our drinking habits.

When we say the word ‘drinking gadgets’, you’re probably imagining beer hats and other novelty receptacles aimed at the college crowd, but this isn’t the 90s and things have moved on. So, whatever your drink of choice – space beer or otherwise – here is the latest tech to top up your glass.

5 gadgets that will get you drunk

1. The robot bartender

We’ve featured robot bartenders before on GoExplore, but this will make the others hang their heads in shame, if they have them. Controlled via a dedicated smartphone app, MakrShakr’s slick movement and extensive catalogue of cocktails should make it the star of any party or social event. The robot can serve up to two drinks a minute and is capable of shaking, muddling, straining and stirring your drink. So, if like James Bond you’re a person who knows exactly how you like it, Makr Shakr is programmed to get it just right every time.

2. An app that knows your tipple

gadgets will get you drunk

Experimenting when shopping for alcohol is a dangerous business. On the one hand you might find your new favorite bottle of beer or wine, but you might also be left with something undrinkable and potentially night-ruining. Next Glass is essentially a dating app for booze, learning your palate through ratings and recommending something similar based on the drinks you already know you like.

3. The unbeatable beer pong robot

One sure-fire way of getting drunk quickly is a game of beer pong – especially if you’re up against this particular robot. The beer pong pro uses a special gripping technology called Versaball (that’s the green sphere at the end of its arm) to grip the ball, firing it into the opponent’s cup with amazing accuracy. Even if you do manage to score some points against it, we have a feeling this robot can handle it’s drink too.

4. Brew beer with your smartphone


If you’ve been put off making your own beer by drinking one too many ‘interesting’ home brews, then cast your fears aside – BrewBot makes it easier than ever. The smart brewing box comes equipped with sensors to keep an eye on your progress, which can then be controlled and managed through a dedicated smartphone app. The perfect craft beer comes at a price (it’s more than $2,000 to order the kit), but once you’ve got it within you’re grasp it’s almost impossible to go wrong.

5. The drinking wearable 


Okay, so Vive won’t get you drunk, and it’s not yet available to buy yet either (sorry) – but this design for an alcohol-monitoring wearable was enough to win ‘Best product concept’ at last year’s Microsoft Research Faculty Summit Design Expo. The wristband is to keep young and vulnerable people safe while drinking, by alerting friends when they become separated from their group. The team behind the project is currently working on bringing their concept to a commercial market, so more news on a working prototype when we have it.

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