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3D-printed earbuds are a perfect fit

Normals earbuds

Fresh from the printer, ordering a pair of Normals is as easy as taking a selfie

Earbuds come in so many different shapes and sizes, but does anyone really have the time and patience to find the perfect pair? Introducing Normals, a new set of customised earphones that are 3D-printed to meet your exact specifications.

Custom earbuds aren’t a new idea, but they’re expensive, and the process will usually involve a doctor squirting silicone into your ear to make a mold – which is, y’know, gross.

With Normals you can do it all through a single app, with your customised buds dropping through your letterbox within 48 hours. Once you’ve downloaded the app you’ll be asked to submit selfies of your ears which they’ll use to create two customised buds – because your ears are different shapes. We’d recommend deleting the selfies afterwards, but nobody’s going to stop you from grossing out your friends on Instagram.

While a set of customised buds would normally set you back somewhere between $500 and $2,000, a pair of Normals costs just $199. Did we mention that nobody is going to squirt silicone in your ears?

“Nobody wants to stick anything in their ear,” says Normal’s Nikki Kaufman, “3D-printing allows us to do it quicker, precisely, and based on a photo.”

Before submitting your order you can change the colours of the various different parts, including the housing, remote, cord, and soft-touch plastic “ear form” – otherwise known as the bit that goes in your ear. It’s then sent to be printed by nearly a dozen Stratasys Fortus 250mc 3D-printers at the company’s Manhattan factory. Best of all, if your normals don’t fit you quite right, the company will make you up a new pair free of charge.

Download the Normal app today for iOS and Android.

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