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Future Tech: 

Egg-shaped camera catches 360° Videos

The 360cam is billed by makers Giroptic as the world’s first ultra HD 360° video camera, featuring three 185º fish-eye lenses that deliver footage of your complete surroundings.


The three lenses in the egg-shaped device are synchronized to simultaneously capture and stitch images in real time inside the camera.

The video is recorded to MicroSD and the camera also has Wi-Fi, so you can remotely monitor your video. It’s waterproof and can be mounted to numerous things; there’s even a mount which allows you to use it as a sort of light bulb, capturing a video of an entire room.


This mount lets you use the 360cam to film the whole room from above

The French company has been working in the 360 video business since 2008, shipping professional devices around the world, but this is its first consumer camera.

Although other 360 cameras have been around before now, see the Ricoh Theta and the Panono, this is the most consumer-friendly we’ve seen.

It’s even got support from Google, namely its Google Maps product manager, Evan Rapoport, who says: “Creating your own Street View of the places you love is fun and easy” with the 360cam. With a code included in the software developer’s kit you can even link up virtual reality system, Oculus Rift, to revisit the places you’ve filmed from your home.


Use Oculus Rift to revisit your holiday

Just launched on Kickstarter, it’s already well on its way to a $150,000 target, so invest quickly to nab the $250 early bird price. The first shipments are due to be delivered by November 2014.

Photos: Kickstarter
  • Eric Welsh

    Awesome. Can’t wait to prop one up on a disc golf course

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