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Extremely Stylish Coffee Machines

Ah coffee, the magic bean that gets us through the working week, where would we be without you? Still in bed, probably. So in homage to beautiful hot cups of joe we’ve dug out the most attractive and slightly off-the-wall machines out there. Enjoy…

1. Strietman ES3

es3-espresso body

This espresso maker is hewn from copper and wood and mounts to your wall. It doesn’t use an electric pump or steam, but instead relies on you pulling down on the lever to extract the caffeine goodness. The ES3’s boiler is filled from the top and heated with an electric element, with temperature controlled via a thermostat. It’ll set you back $1,700.

2. La Fenice

This is the first coffee machine to use electromagnetic induction to heat the water. What this means is that it doesn’t need to keep the water constantly hot, so uses 80 percent less energy than conventional coffee makers. It’s made from aluminium, glass and wood and available in three finishes. It’s currently funding on Kickstarter; you can order the Early Bird deal for $300.

3. Bugatti Diva


Oozing vintage charm, the Bugatti Diva works with ground coffee and capsules to create consistently perfect cappuccinos and macchiatos. The built-in gauge makes it simple to know when the machine is ready to brew while the integrated frother steams milk to perfection. A unique drop system also helps to keep fresh water flowing while maintaining the perfect flavour.

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