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Future Tech: 

This is the fastest bicycle in the world


So, errr, how does this work?

Yes, you are reading that correctly – this is a bicycle.

While it may look more like a minimalist salt shaker, engineers at the University of Liverpool plan to get the Arion 1 hurtling along at 90 miles an hour, making it the fastest bicycle on two wheels.

But…where are the wheels?

They’re under there somewhere, we promise. The cocoon-like shape of the Arion 1 is crucial to achieving its record-breaking speeds, while its designers promise to make the bike 40-times more aerodynamic than the Bugatti Veyron.

The current world-record for fastest ‘exotic engineered’ bicycle is 83.1 mile an hour, held by the Dutch-made XeloX3. Although still in the design stage, the engineers from Liverpool are confident they can do better.

How do I see where I’m going?

To cycle the Arion 1 the rider must first lie flat to squeeze inside it, before viewing the road ahead through a video camera that points out of the front. We didn’t say this was going to be comfortable.

Whoever volunteers to pilot this death trap must also be able to generate a whopping 700 watts of power to reach the target speed. For perspective, the average fit cyclist can generate around 500 watts in a short burst, so the person on the pedals is going to have to be in the shape of their life.

A prototype for the Arion 1 is currently in development, but for an idea of what it might look like you can see the current world record holder in action below. That’s one speedy salt shaker.

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