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FiftyThree’s Mix Platform Wants Us To Create Together

Paper Mix App

From the iPad developers that helped us to create stunning digital art with its app, Paper, and stylus, Pencil, now comes Mix – a new platform for sharing creative ideas.

The new platform has been built right into the existing Paper app, based around a shared resource of sketches that are freely available to use, adapt and remix. Users can dip into Mix for inspiration when they’re running short of ideas, and anything new that is created then becomes available for others to use in exactly the same way. The idea being that the community feeds the community, and everybody benefits.

Logging into Mix could throw-up any number of templates or starting points for creation – from a piece of lined paper, to the outline of a dress or iPhone for fashion or app designers respectively. Things only get more interesting as these ideas evolve over time – or over several remixes.

Paper CEO and co-founder Georg Petschnigg spoke of the new platform’s potential in an interview with TechCrunch;

“We hope this will have a meaningful cultural impact, in particular on how people think about their own creativity. One of the biggest complaints we had about Paper was not about Paper, but about them not feeling creative… What people were actually saying is they didn’t know how to draw.”

Mix, then, is a more a platform for developing ideas than it is a place for sharing finished works – especially as anything submitted can be borrowed or remixed by anybody else. There is no option for keeping Mix sketches private, so it really is a free-for-all for creatives.

Those interested in Mix will have to be patient – it’s invite-only for the time-being, although a full launch for iPad users is expected before the end of October. Meanwhile, you can look at some of the designs currently in the Mix over at FiftyThree’s dedicated website. We’re starting to feel inspired already.

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